"Anja Nowak's Schwarze Buch (black book) also tells about the relationship between the picture and the depiction, the dialogue between the photograph of a shadow and a drawing of this shadow, where the distinction between the two eludes our perception, where the difference and the identical appearance lie side for side in the shadow of what can be defined. Between the picture and the depiction, there is a perception that aligns them with each other, making them both appear to be the same – identical and mistakable, interchangeable only within the horizon of their similarity, their ability to switch sides, to swap places and to play the role of the other."

A reading of the Black Book 1 by Anja Nowak from a media theory perspective. Mag. Dr. Andreas Spiegl is an Art Historian and Professor at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. The lecture took place in Studio Salon für Kunstbuch Wien.